Hank is our mascot

February 10, 2017

Housekeeping maneuvers ready to test: Change/Validate my email

This is very boring and time-consuming. Hard to believe we are still doing this kind of shit so many years later. But email is a necessary evil. We are pleased to be using a transactional mail service, sending emails with big fat buttons you can read on a phone, plus managing all the security and logging dingleberries.

January 2017

"When you stop all this confusing "transition" stuff, I'll join!"

We appreciate the sentiment. Hate it when websites keep changing under your fingers.

Not much we can do about it overnight. Thank you for your patience.

December 2016

Signup for MBH (my.brownhanky.com) is now available

New signups, login, password resets and the contact form on the white pages are now working.


November 2016

"And the papers want to know whose shit you wear".

Now it's time to leave the capsule and go bare.

Let the third "manscat makeover" begin. Next year we will be fifteen years old!

(Honestly, we got pushed out. It's a long story. We were happy sitting on a tin can).

On the other testicle, we look forward to dumping the old complex buggy rigid stupid fucking third party vendor instant website bullshit packages we were using.

So that we may create our very own complex buggy rigid stupid fucking home grown website...